Welcome, Austin Chronicle Readers! Your Dreaded Tasks Are My Specialty

So the day has finally come when you’re ready to tackle your closet, your car trunk, or the credenza in your home office… 

   … and then you stall… 
   … and all your clutter stays just where it’s been since last spring cleaning.

You need a solution. There’s just something about having someone else there so that you don’t end up overthinking. To help you make choices. What an editor does for a magazine, I will do for your cupboards.

Hopefully the aesthetic I bring is your aesthetic. We are in a collaboration. In the beginning, we may spend some time talking through the reasons you’re stuck and discovering not just what you want to get done today, but what you want for the future. And you should know that I hold to the highest standards of discretion and privacy, in keeping with the guidelines of the National Association of Professional Organizers.

I am resourceful and keep track of the services and organizations in the region that you might need as you go through this process. I’m always looking for an opportunity to reduce, reuse, and recycle. I know the best places to donate your overflow and I’ll even keep you in compliance with city ordinances, like storing hazardous materials, taking items to the dump, or putting out your “big trash.”

In the end, we have a laugh, and you end up with a lifestyle that somehow makes a little more sense.